Frosthaven monster list

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. Symbol: Fist Level 1 HP: 10 Level 1 Card Count: 8 Complexity: 2/5.

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Meg's Monster 84: The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog 77: Contraband Police 75: Dead Island 2 75: Atomic Heart 70: Storyteller All Current Games » Top Trailers.


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I keep my monster tokens in these trays, which work well (but also aren’t particularly optimized to stack efficiently back in the box).

All of the summons technically have the same initiative and therefore targeting is ambiguous and the player can choose which.

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You will form a group of mercenaries willing to help by fighting the monster, solving mysteries, and affecting how the outpost expands.

Frosthaven: Official Companion - Frosthaven Companion is a companion application meant to lower the setup time and maintenance while playing Frosthaven.

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If the number of the monster types matches the number specified in the Frosthaven ks project, they are all there.


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These are some other interesting options for keeping all monster parts together, but I haven’t tried them:.

Excellent point! To that end, I've created a Frosthaven 3D Printing progression page to help people figure out how soon they're going to need each monster, but I've also included updated monster counts and links to models that can be 3D printed for each monster.

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In a situation where multiple summons are equidistant from a monster, which scenario applies: If multiple summons are equidistant for targeting, the monster will attack the oldest summon out of the equidistant summons.

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And interesting story at the beginning of the adventure (the host kindly inviting us to his mansion and then releasing monsters at us).

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Full List » By Metascore; By user score.


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com/pages/frosthaven-monster-spoilers (and a few other prospective matches).

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Another great component addition is colorful monster and character cardboard strips for showing initiative order.


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They also have the image of the boss on them making it easier to match up with the boss standees.


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These divider cards are 68 mm x 49 mm and fit nicely in the FS tray without sticking up too far.

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All Boardgames Categories Artists Publishers Honors Gone.

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Monster maximizes the attack on its focus and only secondarily tries to add more targets (if it has multi-target attack, either hex pattern or Target X).


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This standee holder is also handy at the table, but not optimized for packing in the box.

Some interesting materials about Frosthaven World: Frosthaven – first look –.

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The Frozen Fist is the very definition of a Tank but in fitting with Frosthaven style there is a catch.

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You will form a group of mercenaries willing to help by fighting the monster, solving mysteries, and affecting how the outpost expands.

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